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Bio-Zyme Cleaner/Deodorizer is a no-rinse, non-toxic, pleasantly scented daily cleaner and deodorizer formulated with environmentally responsible ingredients with highly active bacteria/enzymes. These special bacterial strains break down the urine, grease, grime, uric salts and other organics that provide a natural breeding ground for unwanted insects and other pests. Regular application ensures deep cleaning and deodorization whenever a source of soil and odor is present. It's suitable for use on any porous surface including vinyl composition, terrazzo, carpet, lawn, concrete, drains etc.

Recommended for use in kitchens, restrooms, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, kennels, veterinary clinic and animal shelter and schools. Let our Bio-Zyme Cleaner go to work for you.

  • Light Duty Cleaning: 1:64 dilution (2 oz. BIO 101 per gallon of water)
  • Medium Duty Cleaning: 1:32 dilution (4 oz. BIO 101 per gallon of water)
  • Heavy Duty Cleaning: 1:16 dilution (8 oz. BIO 101 per gallon of water)

Feature: 32 oz. spray bottle label available for this product. Refill-Reuse-Reduce!

Ingredient CAS Function
Water 7732-18-5 Diluent
Surfactant Group 68439-46-3 Surfactant
Aqueous Enzyme Mixture Not Available Enzyme
Spearmint Terpenes 8008-79-5 Fragrance Component
L-Carvone 6485-40-1 Fragrance Component
Hexyl Cinnamal 101-86-0 Fragrance Component
benzyl acetate 140-11-4 Fragrance Component
2-phenylethanol 60-12-8 Fragrance Component
Methyl Salicylate 119-36-8 Fragrance Component
linalool 78-70-6 Fragrance Component
Cornmint Oil 68917-18-0 Fragrance Component
Terpinyl Acetate 8007-35-0 Fragrance Component
Cyclaprop 17511-60-3 Fragrance Component
amyl salicylate 2050-08-0 Fragrance Component
linalyl acetate 115-95-7 Fragrance Component
2,4-dimethylcyclohex-3-ene-1- carbaldehyde 68039-49-6 Fragrance Component
isoborneol acetate 125-12-2 Fragrance Component
alpha-terpineol 98-55-5 Fragrance Component
4'-tert-butyl-2',6'-dimethyl-3',5'- dinitroacetophenone 81-14-1 Fragrance Component
copper, powder 7440-50-8 Pigment Component
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