"We have been using Green Bucket products for several years now. As a preschool owner and a mother, it is very important to me that we are using cleaning products and soaps that are eco-friendly and without harsh chemicals that can be damaging to young children. I love these products because they have a very light scent or no scent at all unlike most cleaning supplies, I don't have to worry about what is going into the childrens skin and I know we are doing whats best for the environment. I would definitely recommend these products to anyone!"

Tina G

Mountain View, California

"I am the owner of a green cleaning company in California. I found Green Bucket while looking for a new, certified cleaning product to replace our current inventory. I was immediately excited to find Green Bucket was based in California and not the east coast, like many other suppliers, as I do try to support local businesses. I had many questions and after talking to Dae, I immediately placed an order of the glass cleaner to start out. The cleaner had hardly any odor and left no streaks; two very important characteristics I look for in a "green" cleaner. We are very happy with the product, as well as the customer service, and look to eventually replace our entire inventory with Green Bucket. Thanks again GB and look forward to our future business."

Sasha C

Lincoln, California

"Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service and products. From day one you have been very prompt and attentive to what I was looking for in a product. As the director of Calaveras Montessori School which services families with children from ages 6 weeks to 6 years old, I have a very specific need of products for cleaning and sanitizing. When you brought me over the samples of peroxide cleaner and liquid hand soap I was excited to try them out. I had everyone of my teachers test the liquid hand soap and we unanimously loved how it kept our hands soft after we had washed our hands, which is ideal for the teachers and the children since we are washing our hands so frequently. I also tested the Peroxide Cleaner on all the surfaces that we clean and sanitize on a daily basis and I was very pleased with the outcome; it smelled nice, it cleaned and sanitized so well! Not only am I very happy with the products Green Bucket has given to me , I also love that they are great for the environment. Keep up the great work guys!!"

Heather M

Milpitas, California

"Tub & Tile cleaner from Green Bucket meets all our bathroom cleaning needs and its cost-saving. Our housekeepers are very satisfied with the result without the strong smell. No need to use any other chemicals. Try it! its really good."

Marina A

San Jose, California

"We have been looking for a biodegradable disinfectant for several months and are so happy to have found Green Bucket's Peroxide Cleaner. Just in time for the flu season. It meets our need for a safe and healthy green environment! It is effective, versatile, and virtually odor-free. Not only that, we've found a handsoap that we can buy in bulk that is NOT anti-bacterial. We know it is essential for us to stop dumping anti-bacterial agents into our water supply. This soap is effective and safe for our Earth"

Wanda W

Campbell, California

"Green Bucket blows away 20 year cleaning veteran. This amazing versatile product will always perform and surprise you by the wide variety of uses in cleaning. I have used Green Bucket almost exclusively for 2 years; what a wonderful experience it has been. Tired of gimmicks, lost time, money and effort? To say nothing of the heavy harsh chemical fumes and physical distress of carcinogenic fears that so many of us have ignored over the years. Use Green Bucket from the dirtiest of bathrooms to the finest of furniture. Green Bucket is fast easy, powerful, beautifully priced; backed by a guarantee and a great support team. Do the great thing for you, for your environment and your business. Use it and be blown away."

Lauren R

Santa Clara, California

"I have used 2 of your products for just a short time now and would like to tell you I am very pleased with your products ---- I use the Bio-Zyme Cleaner/Deodorant which works very well in our bathrooms (and which is much cheaper than a similar product elsewhere). Also your concentrated glass cleaner works very well .thanks much for some very good products. Also , I love the fact that you have professional looking label that I can put on my squirt bottles . Thanks very much . I plan to continue using your products."

Roger E

Santa Cruz, California

"We own a small residential and commercial cleaning company in Boone, NC. We we're previously using cleaning products by Envirox, but had become very unhappy with the cleaning performance over time. I knew it was time to look elsewhere and a Google search later I ended up at Green Bucket. I called and spoke with customer service and they were great in dealing with my never-ending questions regarding their products and which ones would be right for me. I decided to go for it and order the Multi-Purpose, Peroxide, and Tub & Tile Cleaner to give them a test run. I placed my order on Friday afternoon and received shipping confirmation later the same day. Having used the product for a few days now I have to say that our old products are blown away by these Green Bucket products. The Tub & Tile cleaner is amazing for mineral stains. I just spray down the showers and leave the cleaner to work for a few minutes. When I got ready to scrub the shower down, there is practically no elbow grease required to remove stains. The same goes for inside toilet bowls. Spray, soak, light scrub. The peroxide cleaner is fantastic for glass, counters, toilets, etc. The smell of this product is amazing. Every single one of my clients instantly knew I was using something new and loved the citrus smell of the product. It is not an offensive odor like most cleaning products. It is very pleasant, like burning essential oils while you clean. The Multi-purpose cleaner works great for the floors and on stainless steel. I feel I made the right choice in deciding on these 3 products. I can tackle every possible cleaning task with one of them. The price of these products is pretty unbeatable. The amount of refills you can get from a gallon is incredible. I am thrilled with the purchase and look forward to future business with this company. Thanks Green Bucket! "

Nicole U

Boone, North Carolina

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